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What´s the story of this picture?

Each of my pictures tells a story.
"I am you - Remember me" is for everyone we lost far too soon.
Armin, my neighbor died in a car accident when he was 18.
Ilian, 21, a friend, did not survive a heart arrhythmia.
Julia, 22, a fellow student, died on the way home from university.
Regina, 25, a kindergarten friend, killed herself on a sunny day in August.

Did you also lost someone?  Then this picture is for you.

Titel: I am you - Remember me
Year: 2023
Medium: ink drawing + photo
Dimension: 120x70 cm
Medium: printed on fine art paper behind acrylic glass + ArtBox (2 seperate pictures)
Price: 7500 Euro
Edition: Unique piece, will come together with the ink drawing on paper

Remember me will look great on your walls.
Contact me via and it will be shipped to you.

Remember me.jpg
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