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I am you - Remember me

I am you - Remember me

"I am you - Remember me" is for everyone we lost way too soon.
Armin, my neighbor died in a car accident when he was 18.
Ilian, 21, a friend, did not survive a heart arrhythmia.
Julia, 22, a fellow student, died on the way home from university.
Regina, 25, a kindergarten friend, killed herself on a sunny day in August.

Who did you loos?

Titel: I am you - Remember me
Year: 2023
Medium: ink drawing + photo
Dimension: 120x70 cm
Medium: printed on fine art paper behind acrylic glass  (2 seperate pictures)
Price: 7000 Euro (set)
Edition: unique piece, will come together with the ink drawing on paper

remember me1.jpg
remember me2.jpg

My art work is mixed media.

The first step is always a pencil sketch followed by inking. I scan the finished ink drawing and the rest is magic - with a little help from my computer/camera.

The final mixed media work is printed by Whitewall on FineArt paper and mounted behind acrylic glass. The art lover always receives the mixed media work and the ink drawing.

Remember me
will look great on your walls.

Remember me.jpg
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