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Anne Blaich has drawn since childhood. She was born 1979 in Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany, and raised in the countryside. When she left school, she first studied biology. Ten years, a Dr. titel and a couple scientific publications later, she was back to artworks and started courses in illustration and photography.

She says she never planned to be an artist, it just happened. A small dormouse appeared in the woods one morning in front of her, stayed for a few seconds and then disappeared again. She decided to stay home from work and write a story about it, which became her first book, Wolpertinger, Boandlknacker, Hölldeixl – Luggi und die Fabelwesen der Alpen.

Her work sits on bookshelves, to be opened, held, enjoyed and hopefully loved by people in many different countries. The stories may need translating, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Anne says about her work:

Art lets you put your life on pause. I use pens and photos to fill this pause with stories -

to laugh, cry, think about.



Kunstpfad Markt Schwaben "Change the Rules"

Boomer Gallery in London "Change the Rules"

Museum Bad Tölz "Zukunft:Werte"

Steinheil 16 in München "Change the Rules"


Jagd- und Fischereimuseum München "Wesen der Alpen"

ZUK Kloster Benediktbeuern "Wesen der Alpen"

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