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Anne Blaich has drawn since childhood. She was born 1979 in Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany, and raised in the countryside. When she left school, she first studied biology. Ten years, a Dr. titel and a couple scientific publications later, she was back to artworks and started courses in illustration and photography. Today Anne combines ink drawings with digital photography and digital graphics. Her artworks have been exhibited in London, Florence, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Sao Paulo and many more.

"Art lets you put your life on pause.

You stop doing what you just did and focus on the artwork. With my pictures I want to offer you a short trip, a trip to a place, a situation or maybe a memory –

to laugh, cry, think about.

What is your pause filled with?  Whatever comes to your mind while looking at my work is perfect, I believe art is not what the artis sees. Art is always what the artis makes others see.



What I was thinking when I created the artwork

you can find by clicking on the arrow of each picture."



THE HOLY ART Gallery in Athens

World Art Dubai in Dubai

Artnumber23 in Tokyo

Weizmann Institut of science in Israel

ArtMuc in München

Art4Nature in Bad Tölz


Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery in Barcelona "Hold ON - Apple"

Biennale in Florence "I am you"

Artly Mix in Sao Paulo "In the clouds"

Art@Climate2023 in Gothenburg „Skiing 2023“

Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery in Barcelona "I am you"

Kunstpfad Markt Schwaben "Change the Rules"

Boomer Gallery in London "Change the Rules"

Museum Bad Tölz "Zukunft:Werte"

Steinheil 16 in München "Change the Rules"


Jagd- und Fischereimuseum München "Wesen der Alpen"

ZUK Kloster Benediktbeuern "Wesen der Alpen"

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