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What´s the story of this picture?

Each of my pictures tells a story.
I love my family for a thousand different reasons.
I'm sure you do too.
But on some days the baby cries, the zoom meeting has been overdue for 30 minutes, my husband asks what's for dinner  and my mother has to have the curtains taken down to be washed at exactly this moment.

Do you know how this feels?  Then this picture is for you.

Queen of my hard me will look great on your walls.
Contact me via and it will be shipped to you.

Pictures are available individually or as a set.

Titel: I am you - Queen of my hard
Year: 2023
Medium: ink drawing + photo

Price: 4000 Euro (set)
          3200 Eurro (baby hand, printed on paper behind acrylic glass
                               + ArtBox, unique piece, will come
                                together with the ink drawing on paper, 50x70cm)
          250 Euro (hand 1, printed on paper, 10 copies, 30x40cm)
          250 Euro (hand with tape, printed on paper, 10 copies,
          300 Euro (Queen, printed on paper, 10 copies, 60x60cm)


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