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The German Hunting and Fishing Museum in Munich is showing works by Anne Blaich in the special exhibition "Creatures of the Alps".

On four monitors 23 pictures with explanations are presented, showing a selection of mystical beings of the Alpine region. The beings were selected by Anne Blaich to reflect the diversity of Alpine culture. Early nature goddesses from the time before Christianization, sacred animals, Christian legendary figures to modern creatures such as the Wolpertingers are presented.

The paintings are mixed media art works consisting of ink drawings and background photographs. The technique of the ink drawings is adapted to each of the mystical creatures, so that their personality is represented in the best possible way.  It was important to Anne Blaich to show the alpine creatures in their original environment and bring them to life in the photographs.
The works are in close correspondence with the permanent exhibition, in which the museum presents different Wolpertingers and formerly sacred animals such as chamois and Alpine ibex.



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